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The Nintendo Switch is an upcoming video game console developed by Nintendo, and the company's seventh major home console. Originally known in development as the NX, it was officially unveiled in October 2016 and is scheduled for release worldwide on March 3, 2017.

Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is a really curious little system. In an age where graphical fidelity is always being pushed to its limit, Nintendo once again opts for a gimmick rather than true horsepower. However, in this case, it's a gimmick that I can totally get behind. I'm a portable guy. Whenever I leave my house for any extended period, the first thing I make sure to do is to fully charge my 3DS and Vita, so I have enough entertainment while I'm on the road. Naturally, the Switch then spoke to me on every level. A Nintendo console that I can simply undock and take with me and continue the very same experience on the go? Sign me up! The Switch is indeed impressive in that regard, and no matter how many times I dock and undock the little console, I'm always surprised... Read Review

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