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New details on Nintendo Switch's Pokemon and Metroid Prime 4


During the Nintendo Spotlight presentation for E3 2017, it was revealed that Nintendo was working on a Pokemon RPG and bringing back Metroid with Metroid Prime 4, both for the Nintendo Switch. Neither game came with many details, but luckily, post-event interviews have shed some light on the upcoming projects.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed to Bloomberg that the upcoming Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch will be a "traditional find, battle, train type experience." This suggests that we will indeed be seeing a game modeled after the handheld games we have come to love!

As for Metroid Prime 4, the game will be "a first-person adventure."

We will likely be waiting a long while before we see more information detailing these games, but that's OK. Our excitement will be steadfast!

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