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Trademark suggests Nintendo working on Game Boy Classic Edition

Oh... Yes.

Once the NES Classic was officially discontinued by Nintendo, rumors of the SNES Classic began making their rounds and eventually, those rumors (based on a  trademark for the SNES' Super Famicon controller) were confirmed with the announcement of the SNES Classic.

With the SNES Classic having been released for a long enough amount of time to be hacked to feature more games, it's time for Nintendo to sneakily work on their next cash grab classic game emulator.

Japanese Twitter account @trademark_bot, which posts Japanese trademark applications, has filtered out an interesting trademark from Nintendo.

The trademark doesn't mention the term 'Game Boy Classic,' but it doesn't need to. It comes attached to an image of a Game Boy! The trademark itself covers every type of tech item - including home video game software, home video game consoles, computers, and non-tech items like keychains, clothing, bags and more. 


It's unclear if Nintendo is indeed working on a Game boy Classic, but if they were, this would be a step towards making it happen. Either way, if they choose to release a Game Boy Classic... Hopefully they don't make it mini.

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