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[Watch] Gamescom 2017: Shenmue 3 gets first official trailer


[Watch] Gamescom 2017: Shenmue 3 gets first official trailer

For years, fans have been waiting for a new entry in the cult classic Japanese series, Shenmue. Many never expected the day to come simply because there didn't seem to be enough fans to support a third entry. Then, a few years ago at E3, PlayStation announced that they would be teaming up with Yu Suzuki to bring the long awaited Shenmue 3 to the fans.

The game was built off a successful Kickstarter and we've all been dying to get a taste of what the game has to offer and now... we finally have our first official trailer. It doesn't reveal anything in terms of the narrative but it looks absolutely gorgeous and intense.

The description mentions that this only a small piece of what the game will have to offer but it should give you an idea of where they're going with the third game. "The first teaser of Shenmue III is built from a small slice of an in-development build of the game, and it delivers small peeks in new look of main characters, new characters, and feels of Shenmue world."

You can check out the trailer below.

In related news, it was announced the other day that Shenmue 3 will be published by Deep Silver. Hopefully, this will help speed up the development.

Shenmue 3 has no release date yet but we expect it to launch in 2018 on PlayStation 4.

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